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Copyright 2006 Lew Stringer

It's my great pleasure to announce that 27 years from his first appearance in a UK fanzine, a brand new series of FULL COLOUR Brickman strips are now appearing in a top new American comic.

BRICKMAN RETURNS is a one page back up strip which started in issue 2 of ELEPHANTMEN (August 2006), the new title being packaged by Active Images and published by Image Comics.

The main strips in ELEPHANTMEN expand the universe previously seen in Active Images' HIP FLASK comics by Richard Starkings and Ladronn. The new Elephantmen strips feature various guest artists. BRICKMAN will be a seperate entity from that universe and I'll be handling the whole strip, from script, art, lettering and colour.

Entitled BRICKMAN RETURNS the short self-contained humour strips initially expand on the early years of Brickman's crime-fighting career for the benefit of the majority of readers who will be unfamilar with this particular Batman spoof. This is Brickman's largest readership to date, so it's important to start anew.

However, the strips will not be mere re-treads but instead delve into unknown aspects of Brickman's world. The first strip reveals for the first time the identity of the person who threw the brick that lamped Loose Brayne on the nut way back in 1979. The second strip features the origin of the Brick-Cave, and the third introduces Tina Trowel.

Following strips will reintroduce the rogue's gallery of The Poker, Gnatwoman, etc. The possibility of setting stories after the events of the BRICKMAN BEGINS! graphic pocket-novel are also being considered, but at present it's a case of one step at a time.


Brickman first appeared in 1979 in my comics fanzine AFTER IMAGE, and then moved on to various other fanzines and mini-comics throughout the 1980's. In 1986 Harrier Comics published a BRICKMAN one-shot, and the character vanished from the scene for ten years before returning in the YAMPY TALES small press comics in 1996. In 2005 the character resurfaced again in a 152 page collection, BRICKMAN BEGINS, published by Active Images (see details on other pages of this site). Although Brickman has been around irregularly for 27 years his return in ELEPHANTMEN is Brickman's first appearance in a full colour comic and his first major exposure to the American audience.


ELEPHANTMEN is written and edited by Richard Starkings, who a couple of decades ago was my editor at Marvel UK when I was producing Combat Colin for THE TRANSFORMERS fortnightly. Since moving to Los Angeles Starkings has trailblazed computer comic book fonts with his Comicraft business and published several impressive graphic novels under the Active Images imprint.

ELEPHANTMEN is on sale in comic book stores (not newsagents) priced at $2.99. Each issue features two "flip covers", one on the front by regular cover artis Ladronn and one on the back by guest artists.

- Lew Stringer, June 2006

ELEPHANTMEN No.5 featuring a special Christmas Brickman page will be on sale in UK comic shops on DECEMBER 21st.


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